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Meet Our Groomers

Meet the Posh Paws Grooming Staff!

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Sarah H.

Sarah's love for animals and her artistic abilities came together when she became a Pet Stylist. She has experience grooming all sizes of dogs as well as cats. Her outgoing personality helps her bond with the animals, creating a trusting environment that they feel safe in. Sarah enjoys getting to know new Furry Friends along with their Pet Parents.

Salon Manager & Professional Pet Stylist

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Kelsey B.

Ever since Kelsey was a young girl, she knew that she wanted to work with animals when she grew up. In 2006, she finally got her chance. She started off bathing dogs right out of college and quickly realized that this was the path she was meant to take. She advanced quickly from bathing to grooming, falling in love with the idea of taking care of her new furry friends. She considers the dogs and cats she grooms to be a part of her extended family and treats them with love and respect. She is always excited to learn new techniques, help people learn about proper grooming and have the chance to make acquaintance with new fur babies.

Professional Pet Stylist

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Lexi N.

Lexi has always had a passion for animals. In 2011 she was given the opportunity to become a dog groomer. She really enjoys getting to groom and pamper your fur babies. Lexi is also a pet parent herself. Her Chihuahua-Westie mix, Gavin, frequently comes to work with her to help greet our clients!

Professional Pet Stylist

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Candace B.

Candace has always had a love for animals. Growing up she knew that she wanted to do something in the animal industry. At age 18 she started working at Petsmart. She worked as a bather for a year, then got the best news about being given the opportunity to go to grooming academy. Candace has a big heart and treats every animal as one of her own. Candace always enjoys meeting new furry friends!

Pet Stylist

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Ashley M.

Ashley’s loved animals for as long as she can remember. She’s always had a passion to love and care for them as her own, especially dogs.

Ashley has volunteered at vet hospitals, as well as worked for them. She took care of the boarded animals and also assisted the vet techs and veterinarians in minor procedures.

She became very interested in dog grooming in recent years and has been working as a bather for about a year now.

She loves what she does and now is ready to move up the ranks by beginning her education to become a groomer.

Pet Stylists Assistant & Bather

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Alex B.

Alex has always been a huge animal lover, from the start, and was known for always getting excited to meet any random dog she came across. That love for animals extended into a career in 2009, when a friend mentioned PetSmart was hiring and training people to groom dogs. Within a week she had begun working as a bather, and within the next year had already finished her training and was officially a Pet Stylist.

Her favorite part of the job is making the pets coming in feel their best, and making sure their owners know they are in good hands. Her own pets are part of her family, and knows how nerve racking it can be to leave them with someone else, so she does her best to ensure the pets have a wonderful spa experience and are happy to come back on their next visit.

Pet Stylist

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Rory L

Rory started her grooming career back in 2012, where she was given the opportunity to become a bather. After her love for animals and aptitude for grooming became apparent she took the next step in becoming a pet stylist. She takes pride in the quality of her work and the care she gives the animals entrusted to her. When she’s not grooming, she enjoys time spent with her husband, 2 daughters and her 2 cats and Shih Tzu Weego.

Pet Stylist

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Francesca C.

I started my grooming career in 2015.I love working on fluffy dogs mostly to better my skills in achieving “Asian fusion” grooming. A couple of things I love about grooming is making a dog that looks homeless to actually looking like a puppy again and building relationships with the dogs and cats along with the PP. I have four dogs of my own three that are pit mixes and one Yorkie.
When I’m not grooming I’m busy picking where to travel to next, so far by 2020 I will have been to Germany, Thailand and Austria just to name a few.

Professional Pet Stylist

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Stephanie E.

My name is Stephanie, I've been a groomer almost 12 years now. Animals have always been a passion of mine so getting to work with them everyday has been so much fun. Seeing the transformation from the beginning to end is totally awesome and worth all the doggy drama.

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Megan K.

Hoping for a job to work with animals at my local pet store, I was instead offered a position in the dog grooming salon. It didn't take long before I realized how lucky I was to finally be doing something I loved, and to be learning an amazing skill set while working with dogs everyday. Years later, what still keeps me going is making the dogs feel their best, and seeing that smile on the pet parents face. It is an honor getting to work so closely with those who we consider such an important part of the family; pets.

Pet Stylist

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Carissa C.

Carissa was raised on a horse breeding farm with many kinds of species. This was how her love for animals began. She has several cats one being special needs. She has always loved working with animals, starting with 4H, now bathing and working reception. She enjoys see all the cute dogs and kitty’s walk threw our doors.

Front Reception & Pet Bather

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Alissa K.

Alissa has always had a love for all animals. She began her love for animals as the president of the mt. Pleasant 4-h group as a young girl raising all kinds of livestock animals. She began her grooming career in 2012. Alissa is just as passionate and loving of animals as she is of people and loves making great connections and relationships with all of our clients.

Pet Stylist

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