Momentum Transend E+ LDS Electric Bike in Lunar (2024)

In any circ*mstance of delivery damage, warranty claim or return, please email: to request the appropriate forms.

In any circ*mstance of delivery damage, warranty claim or return, please email: to request the appropriate forms.


Only the original purchaser has the right to return faulty goods.

Due to the high incidence of fraud we regret that we are unable to offer any refund without a valid receipt. You must include this with any claim. All refunds under this returns policy will be paid within 30 days of us receiving the returned goods. Refunds will be processed using the same method of payment used for the original purchase. Credit and debit card refunds must be made to the same card used for the original purchase.

For hygiene reasons, we are unable to accept returns of face masks or cycling underwear whereby the item has been removed from its packaging.

Our returns policy does not affect your statutory rights, full details of which can be obtained from any Trading Standards Department or Citizen’s Advice Bureau.


If an order(s) is broken or spoiled when it is delivered, please notify us within 48 hours of delivery otherwise the returns policy no longer applies. Within this period, we will also require images of the damage to the packaging and its contents. This will need to be emailed to the relevant store or The customer making a return will be held liable for costs arising from any damage that occurs to the item(s) when returning to any of our stores.


If you wish to return or exchange any unwanted item(s) for any reason, you can return the item(s) to the original store it was purchased from within 28 days. Partial returns are possible. Goods must be returned intact, unused, undamaged, clean or not having been fitted to a bike. Items need to be in resalable condition in original packaging including all warranty cards, manuals and accessories.

Refunds cannot necessarily be given if the item or bicycle was ordered specifically from our supplier to fulfil the initial order. In certain circ*mstances, an exchange will be possible.


Refunds of deposits cannot be given if the item or bicycle has had to be ordered specially from our supplier. If the item was from stock and has been held on deposit layaway for more than 28 days, then the deposit cannot be refunded, only exchanged or added to an account credit.


If you wish to cancel or return an order at any time up to 14 days from the date of order, please contact us as soon as possible via email, or phone the branch you purchased from for a copy of our returns form. Partial returns are possible. Goods must be returned intact, unused, undamaged, clean and not having been fitted to a bike. Items need to be in resalable condition in original packaging including all warranty cards, manuals and accessories. This includes any damaged incurred whilst building, packaging or shipping a bike. Please do not directly stick labels or write on the item or the item's original packaging.

Send your goods (unless otherwise stated) securely packaged by a recorded delivery method, including a copy of your receipt and the returns form sent by us, to the store where you purchased the item from.

Please Note: The customer making a return will be held liable for costs arising from any loss or damage that occurs to the item(s) when returning to any of our stores.

It’s the responsibility of the purchaser to arrange and cover the costs of any returns. If you want assistance in returning a bulky item such as a bicycle, fork or turbo trainer, please email the Returns Department on to arrange a special courier collection. Depending on the reasons for returning an item a charge may be incurred for this service.


In any circ*mstance of a suspected faulty item purchased from ourselves either in-store or online, please contact us as soon as possible in person or via email with details and/or pictures where possible to obtain a warranty returns number.

On receipt of your goods, we will carry out a warranty inspection and will contact you within 3 working days of receipt. Terms and conditions of warranties vary depending on the product, so please consult your owner's guide of the manufacturer directly for clarification. If your purchase is within the manufacturer's warranty period we will repair or replace the item(s) as stated in the manufacturer's warranty guidelines. In some cases, the manufacturer/ supplier may require to see the item(s) before repair or replacement can take place. In this unavoidable situation, we will inform you and it is likely to increase the turnaround time of your claim.

The customer is entitled to an immediate refund if the goods are deemed to be faulty, of unsatisfactory quality or unfit for purpose within 30 days of purchase. Cycle Revolution reserve the right to exchange or repair any faulty goods between 30 days and before 6 months from the original purchase. Should this one and only repair be unsatisfactory then a customer is entitled to a complete refund. After 6 months from purchase, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to prove a fault.

Fair wear and tear or misuse are not considered a fault and Thomas Cycle Revolution would not be liable in these cases.

Labour or transportation costs are not covered by any warranty. As part of our customer service commitment, we are happy to cover the labour of any warranty claim for 6 month, upon bicycles we supplied or repaired.


Thomas’s Cycle Revolution Ltd reserve the right to decline a refund or an exchange if the condition of the item(s) don’t comply with the terms above and/or the claim is outside the stated time scales.

Sorry, gift certificates and charitable prizes cannot be returned and account credits cannot be refunded.

Thomas Cycle Revolution reserve the right to pass on charges onto the customer for any return of unwanted goods that incurs a cost to the process. These include any costs levied by a finance company, courier or CycleScheme provider. We also have the right to charge for any labour or courier costs it may take to process a return should any complications arise due to negligence or accidental damage.

We will try our best to process any return, exchange, refund or warranty claim as efficiently and fairly as possible, complying with the terms above and manufacturers guidelines. We respectfully ask that customers realise that we are only human, and rude or threatening behaviour to any staff member cannot be tolerated.

Momentum Transend E+ LDS Electric Bike in Lunar (2024)


What is the range of the Transend E+? ›

What is the maximum range of the TRANSEND E+ GTS on a single charge? It offers a maximum range of 170 km on a single charge.

Who makes momentum bicycles? ›

Momentum was founded by Giant with a clear mission: To help you move through your life with happiness and ease. Backed by the innovation and manufacturing expertise of Giant Bicycles, Momentum offers the highest quality bicycles and gear aimed at lifestyle mobility solutions.

What is the life of lithium ion battery in e bike? ›

You should typically expect a battery to last between 3 and 5 years if it is well maintained. (A lithium-ion battery will slowly lose its capacity over time, even if it's not used.)

What is the range of the roam E+? ›

The Giant Roam E+ has a Giant e-bike app EnergyPak 400Wh battery, providing up to 55 km of range on a single charge.

What is the range on Ebikes? ›

On average, most ebikes will take you somewhere between 20-100 miles. The exact range will always depend on a range of factors that are important to pay attention to and consider if you want to get the most out of your charge (the planet will say thank you).

Is momentum a giant brand? ›

Giant Group Brands

The four Giant Group product brands are GIANT, Liv, Momentum, and CADEX, and each one provides specialized products and services for different consumer groups.

Are all bicycles made in China? ›

Let's start with an observation. In the bike industry, there is not much variation in where carbon frames are made. Virtually all of them, including for example many of the iconic “Italian” frames, are made in China. The big difference is not in the origin of the frames, but rather in the labeling.

How does a momentum bike work? ›

The battery pack is usually close to the motor, and the motor is connected to the back wheel and the pedals – like with Voya E+. Essentially, the controller tells the motor what the rider wants, and the motor draws power from the battery to boost the back wheel to make it easier for the rider to pedal.

Do ebike batteries drain when not in use? ›

If you won't use your e-bike for a few months, make a plan for storing your bike and e-bike batteries in a safe manner. First, choose a fire-safe location for storage. A lithium battery will self-discharge, or go flat, at the fastest rate when it's fully charged.

Is it OK to charge ebike battery everyday? ›

Charging an e-bike battery every day may decrease its lifespan. Lithium batteries have a limited number of charge cycles, meaning that each time the battery is charged, its capacity decreases gradually.

What is the difference between an electric bike and an electric assist bike? ›

Rider Input: Pedal-assist e-bikes rely on the rider's pedaling input to engage the electric motor. The motor senses the rider's pedaling motion and provides assistance that is proportional to the rider's effort. On the other hand, throttle-controlled e-bikes do not require pedaling input to engage the motor.

What is ghost pedaling on an eBike? ›

This is cadence sensing PAS, in a nutshell. Basically, the PAS applies enough voltage to travel at a given speed. If you pedal faster than that speed, you'll outrun the motor. If you pedal slower than that speed, the motor will simply continue to run at that speed.

Is there an electric bike that charges as you pedal? ›

Regenerative (Using Pedaling and Braking)

Regenerative charging is a method that allows you to pedal or brake the bike to feed power back into the battery. It is easy to do–simply ride your bike and then pedal or brake to generate electricity to charge your battery.

What is the range of the Explore E+? ›

For maximum long-distance endurance, all Explore E+ Pro / Explore E+ models can be retrofitted with an EnergyPak Plus battery. It provides an additional 250 Wh capacity, allowing for a total capacity of up to 1050 Wh and ranges of up to 300 km.

What is the range of the Eskute Netuno? ›

Battery36V 14.5Ah
Range65 miles
14 more rows

What is the range of the Eahora AM100? ›

In throttle mode, the AM100 can achieve a range of 28-29 miles, and in pedal-assist mode, it can reach 56-59 miles.

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