Terry Flenory’s Kids: Who Is His Son and Does He Have a Daughter? (2024)

Terry Flenory’s only known kid is a son named Terry Flenory Jr. who is also a member of the Black Mafia Family. He does not have a daughter to the best of public knowledge.

Terry Flenory, who is also known as Southwest T, rose to prominence for being a co-founder of the Black Mafia Family, a music label known for a series of criminal activities. Together with his brother, Big Meech, they ran the BMF for years before they received their prison sentences. The fame that he has garnered for years has drawn the public’s attention to know all about him. Terry Flenory’s kids were also not left out in the search, and here is all about them.

Terry Flenory has a Son Named Terry Flenory Jr

Terry Flenory’s kids have since become a hot topic for discussion, however, the drug kingpin has only one known child, Terry Flenory Jr. Southwest T has also been alleged to have other children, but he is yet to reveal them to the public if he actually has.

Meanwhile, his son, Terry Flenory Jr. is 33 years old. He was born on November 1, 1990, in the United States. His exact place of birth was not revealed to the public, that notwithstanding, he is an American citizen. He is an African-American born under the Scorpio birth sign. Though he has gained fame as a member of BMF and the son of Terry Flenory, he is reserved when it comes to releasing details about himself to the public.

Following this, the names and locations of the schools that Terry Flenory’s kid attended are not known. There are no details of on whether he earned a degree or not, as he has not mentioned anything about it.

Terry Flenory Jr.’s Mother is Lawanda Roosevelt

Terry Flenory’s kid’s mother was revealed to be his ex-lover, known as Lawanda Roosevelt. Details about her age are not known, as her date, month, and year of birth have been unclear. There are also no details of the names of Lawanda’s parents and siblings, as well as what they do for a living.

Lawanda is also reserved about giving out details about her education. As such, the names and locations of the schools that she attended have not been revealed. It was not revealed if she attended college or not.

Lawanda Roosevelt and Terry Flenory were never married but were in an intimate relationship that resulted in the birth of their son. There are no details about how the lovers met or how long they dated.

However, they were revealed to be in a long-term relationship. The duo was in a happy relationship until Terry Flenory began a romantic relationship with a woman named Markisha Taylor. Though the drug kingpin knew Markisha was married, he still went on with their romance. This broke Lawanda but she was later left with the choice of walking away from the relationship.

Since she ended her relationship with the drug kingpin, she has maintained a low profile. As such, it is not known if she moved on or remained single. What she does for a living has also been kept away from the media.However, Terry Flenory, on his part, has since moved on. He is currently in a relationship with a prison reform advocate and life coach, Tonesha Welch.

Though Terry Flenory’s kid rarely flaunts his mother’s pictures on his social media handles, it is believed that they maintain a very close relationship.

Terry Jr is also a Member of the Black Mafia Family

Terry Flenory’s kid, Terry Flenory Jr., is currently living in the United State, though the part of the country in which he resides is not known. He is hell-bent on keeping his family’s legacy and is a big part of the Black Mafia Family. Terry has not revealed what his activities in the family business are like. However, he is often spotted posting pictures of BMF activities and members.

He is also a co-producer of the BMF series and is notable for his work in episode 12. Aside from these, he keeps a relatively low profile and has not revealed his other engagements to the public.

Terry Flenory’s kid has also kept details of his personal life in obscurity. It is not known if he is married or in a relationship at the moment. Terry Flenory Jr. is very fond of his father and members of the BMF and often flaunt their pictures on his Instagram handles.

Terry Flenory’s Kids: Who Is His Son and Does He Have a Daughter? (2024)
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